Build a Biogas Plant


Biogas Plant Construction

Running a Biogas Programme: Handbook  Looks at national programmes run in China, India and Nepal18.2Mb

School Projects downloads are here

 Biogas manure

Home Size Plants

2 Designs for Methane Digesters For Fuel Gas and Fertilizer 43.3Mb (168 pages)

3 Cubic Meter Plant 722Kb

ARTI Biogas System 94kb (Indian home system)

ARTI Biogas System 287Kb How to build

Basic Small Scale Drum Plan 1.1Mb

Biogas Digesters in India 773K

Biogas Digest 1.94Mb (80 pages very informative)

Biogas Plants UN-ECDC 18.6Mb 270 pages very informative

Biogas Digester Installation Manual 924Kb Plastic tube digester

Biogas Plant Construction Manual, Fixed dome Deenbandhu model digester: 2 to 6 cubic meter biogas generation per day. SKG Sangha, Egypt, 2013. This manual has been designed in such way that it can be used by a lay man, provided an experienced  mason is available to construct a fixed model biogas plant. Step by step description along with figures and photos provides a clear understanding and methods for installation of the unit. 

Chinese Biogas Digester 2.3Mb

Chinese Biogas Manual 12Mb

Compost, Fertilizer and Biogas Production from Human and farm Waste in China 8Mb

Construction Manual for Rural Families 294Kb Written and compiled by Laura Brown, November 2004. FUCOSOH has provided technical and financial support for the construction of 25 bio-digesters in rural Honduras.

APO Green Productivity :    Review of Biogas Technology Chapter 3

Construction Manual Chapters 4-6

Operation Manual of Bio-gas Reactor Chapter 7

Fuel Gas From Cow Dung 8.8Mb

Home Biogas Construction Photos 356Kb

How to Build a Low-Cost Ferrocement Biogas Digester, Jose Carmelo and M Gendrano, Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation. 

Methane Biogas Production 497Kb

Low Cost Tubular Digester 1.1Mb

Low Cost Plastic Tube 29.9Mb A compedium of low cost solutions

Mini Biogas Plants For Households 1.2mb

Nepal Biogas Plant Construction Manual for CGC 2047 Round Model, Domed Biogas Plant 630Kb

Polyethylene Tube Biodigesters 331Kb

Plastic Tube Biodigester Installation Manual 605Kb

PVC Biogas Digester 359Kb Bladder type, successful

Small Homebuilt Digester Construction 775Kb


Village Size Plants

Biogas Village

Biogas For Overseas Volunteers 123Kb

Biogas Systems in India 11.9Mb

Biogas Digesters in India 773Kb

Biogas: Community Development 2.3Mb

Biogas Plants - Ludwig Sasse 1.1Mb (detailed)

Biogas Unit - Developing Countries 1.1Mb

Biogas Utilization Handbook 3.9mb

Chinese Biogas Digester 2.3Mb

Chinese Biogas Manual 12Mb

Biogas Utilization Handbook 3.9mb

Mixed Flow Digesters 759Kb

Plug Flow Digesters 4.3Mb


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